Welcome Feathers!!

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Have you been seeing this crazy bird in and around our social media and wondering what the heck he is doing? Did you spot him on the side of the road taking selfies or maybe out on the town? You may be wondering does he have a name? A story? Who (and/or what) the heck is he????? No worries, our friends, we are FINALLY ready to reveal our new member of our group!! He was on a trial period for a bit because well we weren't sure but he is READY! So please give a virtual round-of-applause and a warm welcome to Feathers McFeatherson.


Feathers came to us from deep in the forest of Paraguay. Even though we have never been to Paraguay, the word got to him that April is an International Property Specialist and he felt he could help. So Feathers flew all the way to Old Hickory and pledge his allegiance to helping us grow our local and global presence. We were obviously a little reluctant at the beginning…Come on, a giant blue bird descends from the sky to help with your business – that’s crazy talk! Once we got to know Feathers and he told us of how he wanted to help, we felt we should at least give him a chance.

Since landing in Old Hickory, Feathers received his real estate license (yayyyy Feathers!) and is now an assisting listing specialist, model and has a passion for showing homes. We are ecstatic about this addition to our group and know that he is going to be an amazing asset. He is currently residing at Apricott Farms in Old Hickory. He told us that he absolutely LOVES it here. You will more than likely be seeing him all over our social page now and possibly around town. He loves to show up to random places and he LOVES to model in our listing photos. If you see Feathers around, give him a big ole hug and southern welcome! Some more fun facts about Feathers are below!



Name: Feathers McFeatherson

Originated from: Paraguay

Type of Bird: Blue Hyacinth Macaw

Current Residence: Old Hickory at Apricott Farms

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Food: Strawberries

Favorite Music: Country – good thing he moved to Music City!

Favorite Dance Move: Shaking his tail feathers orrrr the washing machine..It’s a tie.

Favorite Drink: Pineapple juice

Favorite Hobby: Flying…duh!

Place he really wants to visit: South Africa

Something he has never done but really wants to try: Pottery class

Relaxation Method: Hanging poolside