Tips & Tricks for Goal Setting

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Everyone knows what a goal is...Not a goal in a sports game but a goal. Have you ever looked it up in the dictionary? Well, that's silly of me...Let me ask that questions again. Have you ever Googled the word goal to get the definition? If you haven't, it says, "the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result."  Did that definition give you chills like it did me?? "The object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result." I LOVE IT! We all have something we want to do with our lives. Whether it be making a certain amount of money, losing weight, wanting to travel to a certain country. We all have something we want, something our hearts desire.

Problem with goals is we all have them but not everyone want to work to get them. See, what people don't tell you is that you don't reach your goals over night. Shocking, right?! That's why when the new year rolls around, we all make these "goals" we want to accomplish but by February, we have already given up on the goal. Why is that? Is it because we expect everything to be instantaneous now? Or is it because we don't plan?? It may be a little bit of both but for the sake of the rest of my blog post we are going to say it's because people don't plan!! I'm issuing a challenge to you in 2019 - be SMARTER with your goals! Plan ahead of time and ACHIEVE them!! See how you can be SMARTER about it and some tips and tricks to help you along the way!


First things first, be SMARTER when setting your goals. 


-Your goals need to be SPECIFIC. How much money do you want to make? Where in the world do you want to travel? Etc.

-Your goals need to be MEASURABLE. You can't measure a broad goal.

-Your goals need to be ATTAINABLE. You can't reach a broad goal.

-Your goals need to be RELEVANT. Is this goal applicable to your life?

-Your goals need to be TIME-BOUND. Need a time-frame in which you are going to reach your goal.

-Your goals need to be EVALUATIVE. Can you look back and decide if you've reached your goal?

-Your goals need to be REVISABLE. You need to be able to adjust your goal if something isn't working.


Write your goals down.

The more you see your goals, the more you will think about them. They will constantly be on the forefront of your mind. Write all your goals on a piece of paper, your office marker board, whatever you got. Then go get you some paper, markers and tape (and maybe some scissors). Write your goals small on the paper. Cut them into strips and then tape them around your house. You need to put these places that you look at every single day. By your door, in your bathroom, in the hallway by your light switches, on your refrigerator. Don't be scared to put these places. Be proud of putting these goals around your house. If after a few months, you stop noticing your goals, move them!


Visualize & Plan ahead.

 Visualize yourself reaching your goal. Then work your way backwards. What steps do you need to take to reach that end result? You really need to get a planner or calendar and schedule your week. If you want to lose weight for example, plan your first week of how you are going to get started. This could be as simple as I am going to walk for 20 minutes for 4 days this week. Then time block 20 mints out for 4 days. Do this one day every week. Don't use the excuse that you are busy - we are all busy! In order to better yourself, you have to make time for yourself. Set a timer on your clock for one hour if that is all you think you can spare and for that one hour, block everything else out and plan your week out. Trust me, you will thank yourself once you've reached the end.


Learn to forgive yourself.

Truth time. Reaching goals is NOT easy. Sometimes it is NOT fun but it is rewarding! If you plan to walk 4 days one week and you only walk 3 because something came up and it took priority - well, it happens! Life gets in the way sometimes. Instead of getting down on yourself and putting it in your head that you aren't good enough, you should probably just quit now. Forgive yourself and try again tomorrow. It's never too late to get back on track. Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP!


Stay positive.

Rolling off not giving up. Stay positive about your goals. It is natural for humans to lean towards a negative outlook. We are constantly being judged or compared, which makes us judge and compare ourselves. I'm sure you are like me and you are your worst critic. Well, friend, get the negative thoughts out of your own head.  A wonderful life coach once told me that if I see myself continually having negative thoughts to put a rubber band around my wrist. Every time I would have a negative thought or say something negative out loud, I would snap myself!! YES - SNAP MYSELF!!! Did it hurt sometimes, yep! Has it helped me think a little more positively? YEP! If you don't think you will actually pop yourself, tell your friends, your roommate, your significant other to help you out. I'm sure they would be happy to!


Reward yourself.

If you reach your goal, it is perfectly fine to treat yo-self! Go buy you that bag you've been eyeing for months. Go eat that pint of Ben & Jerry's. You deserve it!



While we don't want to be negative on ourselves or be our own worst critic, we do have to critic ourselves from time to time. I like to call it self-reflection! Maybe you didn't do everything you said you were going to do one week. Well, in that time you are planning, also add some time to reflect on the past week. What did you do well? What could you have done better? How are you going to improve moving forward? Ask yourself those questions and continue to improve week to week.


You can do it, friend! Set your goals, write them down, visualize, plan, stay positive, reward yourself and evaluate. If you follow these steps, reaching your goals in 2019 will be a breeze!