Time Management

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If there is one thing I’ve learned from being a real estate agent over the years, it is that trying to do everything you want in one day is utterly insane! I am only one person and I have BIG dreams, and I mean B-I-G and in order to achieve those big dreams, that requires getting A TON of things accomplished. I used to run myself ragged 24/7 trying to finish everything in a short amount of time. As soon as I would mark one thing off my list, 12 more items would be put on…sound familiar to anyone else???? Well, my friend, I have a few tips and tricks that have helped me over the years go from a Tasmanian devil bouncing from task to task and never getting anything done to an efficient, less-stressed, happier person!

Now, these tips aren’t a miraculous cure, they aren’t going to blow your mind and they are not anything that you haven’t heard before but if you are CONSISTENT with the items below, I promise, your life will become a lot less hectic…Your future self may even come back and kick you for not trying these things sooner!!!


First things first…do you have a home office? Do you work from another location? What is your ideal work space like? For me, having an office space is a MUST. I need room with space, with drawers, with shelves, I need to be able to store and put my papers all over the place. So, I did just that. I have my office now. It’s a designated space just for me and my business! If you don’t have a designated space, create one!! Go find you a desk somewhere (look on Facebook MarketPlace if you have to and revamp one), get some cute décor and make a little unused corned in your house your space!


You have to time block.

Do you have a routine in the mornings? Get up, take a shower, get ready, drink coffee, begin work. Generic morning but I’m sure accurate for some people. Well, if the best time for you to work is in the mornings then block out in your calendar an hour or two every morning to complete important tasks. Then in that time blocked part of your day, get stuff done!!!


So after you’ve blocked some time in your day, you need to block distractions during your time blocked period.

This is going to take a minute of self reflecting – What distracts you the most? Is it your significant other? Is it your cell phone going off every few seconds? The television playing in the background? Do you HAVE to get on Facebook every hour? Whatever your distraction is, take it away. No, not take it away forever, just for your scheduled time. Obviously, this isn’t the end all, be all. If your cell phone distracts you so you like to silence it during your time block period but you are expecting an important phone call, then don’t silence your phone… [I know you all have common sense but sometimes I have to say it anyway]

Eliminating distractions is a great way to focus on the task right in front of you. You can do it!!


Wow. Yep. I said it. DO. NOT. MULTITASK.  **Gasppppp**

Some people think that multitasking is amazing and it truly is. It is somewhat an art. For some though multitasking is a little gremlin that is trying to keep you from getting anything done!! Seriously though, you are buzzing around like a bee from flower to flower getting pollen and never making it back to the hive to turn it into honey. Which will then leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing and your energy level will go down, your morale will go down and your confidence will go down. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So if you must prioritize the day before what absolutely has to get done the next day, do it! The more you prioritize, the more you focus on completing one task at a time, the more you will get done.


This one is hard. Trust me, it’s hard for me too. No matter how much you time block, how much you eliminate distractions or prioritize your day, sometimes you simply can’t get everything done - It’s inevitable.  There are simple things that you can ask other people, other companies or an assistant to help you with. There is no shame!! If anything, I feel like asking for help makes you stronger because you are self-aware that you are awesome and get a lot of stuff done but you can’t do it all!


One last reminder and then I promise, I’m done for today!! You are captain of your ship – no one controls your time but you. What you decide to do with your day, is up to you. You can do all the things above and probably get a lot done or you could sleep in until noon and get a lot less done.

Control your life, own your life, be a boss and get stuff done!! I believe in you!