My Morning Routine

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SHOUT OUT to all entrepreneurs – you all are amazing!! As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the struggles we sometimes have with  finding a day-to-day rhythm or organization of a scheduled day. Over the last few years, I’ve found a structure to my mornings that works for me and I wanted to share with you in case it helps someone else start their day out right!  

There are a few steps that I take to make sure my mind is clear and balanced and ready for the hectic and completely malleable day ahead. Entrepreneurs spend half of their time rearranging their schedule to suit the needs of their clients or appointments, so we have a severe need for structure in our days/weeks. Entrepreneurs spend the other half of their time dreaming up big ideas therefore we also have a severe need for discipline in our days/weeks. As a mammal with a heart beat we are all rhythmic by nature and naturally need some sort of structure and balance/rhythm whether we think so or not.

Here is what a normal morning looks like for me in 5 easy steps:

1. BALANCE- The night before I will always set a glass of water with one drop of lemon oil in it on my nightstand so that I can start my day with hydration and detoxification. This will awaken my system and start the engines. After my water I will find a balance in 10 minutes of meditation. I will usually sit up in bed and close my eyes finding my surroundings internally. Listen for a few noises you can hear and observe, what can you feel, what can you smell, and assess your mood as well. Deep breathing to the count of 6 in and 6 out is always helpful as well. This is not a time to create anxiety about what all you have on your plate today or this week. This is a time to just be present... Even if only for 10 minutes! I will even stretch sometimes during this to feel all the ached and pains of my 30s. Present and Balanced I will be ready to get up and go after this 10 minutes of Peace!

2. AFFIRMATIONS- I will always sit down immediately at my desk (Ignoring all the clutter and TO-DOs) and write my affirmations. I will write 12 a day usually and sometimes more! These are just simple one-line momentums about goals, personal development and/or self-awareness.  Affirmations are a great way to retrain your brain to think about yourself, your business, and your family and friends in a more positive light.  This gives you time to visualize between each line as well. I take a good look at my dream board between each one marking off things I have accomplished for the year and expounding on things I still have to do!

3. EXERCISE- I spend at least 40 minutes in the morning doing something to get my heart rate up. This usually starts with loud music and stretching and then a few miles on the treadmill. Stretching your body is so so important. Having a dance background has helped me with this routine but I always find myself going to YouTube for new stretches as well or Yoga Positions. You can always rely on a fun choreography lesson on YouTube or even just getting a weight set to lift and tone muscles works too. As long as you are getting your heart rate up for at least 40 minutes that all you are looking for here. You have your mind ready and balanced and now it’s time to get your heart and body ready too!

4. REFLECTION- This is the hardest one of all for me to get into my routine. However, it is probably the most necessary.  One thing that I have found useful is a "one line a day" journal. At the very least I can sit and reflect on the people in my life that I am grateful for and give thanks for the miraculous outcomes of the day prior.  Sometimes it becomes all too easy to see the negative. ie: the spilled coffee, the traffic, the long lines, the stupid questions, the politics, or even your Facebook feed...but here we look at the GOOD! I will write things that I appreciate people doing for me or saying to me or clients that I am grateful to have or situations that I am grateful to be put in or people I am so happy that I met. The universe has a mysterious way of putting great people in your life and taking all the bad ones out so it’s about time we sit down and just be grateful for our circumstances!! You can do this reflection in less than 15 minutes after your exercise and trust me the long-term effects are much greater than the short term!!

5. CONSUMPTION- I am a firm believer that "it’s not what you eat, it’s what you do" but I still refuse to put garbage into my body on a daily basis. Garbage in = Garbage out ladies and gentlemen. Your first meal of the day should be filled with things that will get you to lunch with a clear mind and a recovering body from the exercise.