January Flashback

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A flashback on January – what a great start to the new year!


First trip of the year was to Toronto, Canada


Canada was AMAZING – this was my first cold weather vacation and the negative temps did not disappoint. We were able to explore some of their castles, stayed in the Blue Mountain where we were able to go skiing/snowboarding and ride professional snowmobilers, and of course see some awesome real estate.

The real estate market in Toronto is booming!! There are tons of opportunities to invest within the city especially rentals or Airbnbs. Check out the condo I posted on FB live (click here to check it out) while we were there for a great investment option.

While I did crave a little beach time (because you know Costa Rica has my heart) the Canadian experience was A++ and I highly recommend!





Watch out for our next adventure in a few weeks as we are headed to Mexico for our EXIT Southeast Cruise! Departing from New Orleans and going to be visiting Cozumel & Yucatan. Stayed tuned for the fun adventures we have planned!



We are right at 2 million in sales in our first month of 2019 - Hoping to make every month this great! CONGRATS to all our of clients who either purchase or sold their home this month!! We are thrilled that you chose us to help you on your home journey.

Bring on the referrals!! 





















Apricott Farms newest zookeepers are our new next door neighbors and friends, Presley and Hayden. We are elated to have such wonderful people taking care of our babies this year as we prepare to travel the globe! We don't think they knew what they were getting themselves in to when they agreed to helping Apricott Farms out but we are sure glad they are sticking around! :) 



Do you have a pet? Do you love your pet? Do you like to bring out your artistic side and hang out with some cool friends?? Come to our Paint Your Pet Party! Shoot me a message if you want in on the next event. We had one in January and it was awesome - we would love to see you there.